What you should know about boat models-What and where it all began?

Model boat goes back to antiquity and is as old as shipbuilding. Model ships are scale representations of different types of ships or boats. They can range in size from miniature to scale in direct vessel size. Real drawings of the vessel of origin, are often used and the major programs instead of using the plans developed specifically for models. Traditionally, a ship model is built from wood, this type of model has been built for over two thousand years, plastic models and metal sheets have been introduced more recently.

Early models of wood carved details of the ship is known to have been held to date were made by the ancient Egyptians because it was part of the funeral ritual to include highly detailed, painted wooden models of ships and crews . He was destined to bear the soul of the deceased to another world or “beyond”.

Much has been learned about the old sailor of these models. Many of these ritual vessels are presented in museums worldwide, including the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many others. Some of the oldest ships in the 12th to the 15th century are mounted in some churches, which were used to bless the ships at sea and the people in them.

Several previous models of ships were built by members of the crew as a hobby, a bit like the sailors who were long-term prisoners confined during the wars between France and England alleviate their boredom by building ship models the bones and sticks. This hobby has become an art form and the models are sold to the public, which in turn embraced the idea and provided the prisoners with the ivory to make the models more attractive.

What are they used?

As shipbuilding developed, manufacturers generally produce a model in miniature of the actual ship under construction. It was a convenient way to show how the ship would be full size. This was done for racing yachts, steamers and more.

Model ship has a long and rich history and continues to serve many functions. Finely built large models are presented in museums to represent the historic ships, miniature and less detailed models are used for war games to recreate historical battles or to plan strategies, models are used in said field engineering to test new models, different types of models are built to cater to various functions.

Most high quality models to capture the intricate details of the originals, making them very attractive for home decor, ornaments fine aboard historic ships like the HMS Victory, or the Sovereign of the Seas, pirates of small the deck of a pirate ship, and into the leather seats, glass windshield, chrome, bronze and brass fittings to reflect the opulance in luxury boats classic sports celebrities such as models and Riva Chris Craft. Many luxury hotels, resorts, galleries and office buildings using model ships in the interior design. People who use them in your home or office with a rich history, a quality model ship wood adds elegance, interest and distinction to a decoration.

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