What is the future of the carriers?

A growing number of marine carriers see viable platforms for projecting national power – currently there are nine countries that have aircraft carriers in service: Brazil, France, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. Interestingly, the People’s Liberation Army – Navy (PLAN) – China has yet to support a service if this should change in the near future. The total number of carriers in service worldwide is now one and forties, with half of the fleet in service in the United States. At least eight new nations companies in the concept, design, bought used and the rehabilitation or construction phases. Spain managed to sell his design “Principe de Asturias” several navies, and China, Japan and India are developing a capacity building support – in the case of China, even a nuclear powered aircraft platform for their next generation. VTOL aircraft (VTOL) – British Harrier derivatives are used for example in India, Spain and Italy, it has allowed these countries to implement viable carrier power. US carrier variant F35D – A STVOL configuration – can not increase demand of carriers between the “western” countries.

Most strategists see the aircraft carrier as the cornerstone of military doctrine, despite the high concentration of power and investment (both political and financial) in what is undoubtedly a very visible and vulnerable target ,.

Russia is currently only one operational aircraft carrier and is now an exception. It covers 11 time zones – nearly half the world. With a fleet of modern land missiles and efficient technology, you probably can project power without the need for a large ship fleet, at least in the northern hemisphere.

What is a carrier?

A floating, self-propelled air base, but is not able to handle transport aircraft large as the C130 Hercules. This definition is generally taken to include any vessel capable of handling fighter / bomber fixed wing, of which there are several types. For this purpose, pure helicopter carrier is excluded because even cargo ships can carry as was the case of the Falklands War.

Types of aircraft carrier

Supercarrier: these are generally more than 50,000 tons of cargo shift, usually nuclear powered, and able to handle the fast jets

Fleet Carrier: typically half to 20,000 tons, oil / steam, gas turbines or diesel, size “typical” of the fleet of a country.

Light Aircraft Carrier: smaller than the carrier.

As we can see, this way of classifying Navy aircraft carriers is subjective to the configuration of the fleet of a country. The French could well describe the Charles de Gaulle as super– steam catapults, nuclear powered, but is really a super-compared with, for example, US companies such as American Nimitz class George W. Bush, nearly 100,000 tons displacement and carrying more than 100 fixed-wing aircraft?

Carriers Configurations

CATOBAR: catapult launch fixed-wing aircraft, but arrested recovery.

STOBAR: Short take off but arrested recovery. Currently, they have used the British Sea Harrier STOVL aircraft vertical takeoff fashion shoot using a “ski jump.

STOVL Short takeoff and vertical landing. As STOBAR but vertical landing. Less attractive because additional fuel (less load equal arms) required for the landing phase, and the cabin damage problems due to its low directed exhaust stream during landing.

entry barriers club Aircraft Carrier

These may include:

Constitutional bars, such as Japan, Germany and (until recently) Italy, after World War 2 aggression.

Development of Operational capacity requires time and money. Used carriers and infrastructure requirements can be purchased or rented. A new branch of naval operations must be established. This is not the main trivialA tasks – training institutions should be established and operated operations, replacement, repair and logistics must be in place, for example, and even a whole career structure for officers and.

A country must develop its strategic and tactical policies effectively present and exploit its transporters in line with its credible national strategic objectives.

Even the basics – establishing the operational tempo of the execution of a 24 x 7 support to develop, implement and repeat exhaustively whether the deployment of a supporting force is to be credible – launch night and bad weather landing , the procedures for rescuing the crew, the anti-submarine measures, rearmament and weapons, carriers coordinated protection – the list is long. Some countries cooperate in this regard. For example in Brazil helps China develop its operational in exchange for technological assistance in the fields of nuclear energy and electronic defense capacity.

Carrier – The Future

The company’s future is assured. The arrival of a new generation of STOVL aircraft, and the emergence of India and China in the club seriously carrier (Pakistan also make noises) means that the mid-21st century, the race for armament support the acceleration and growing global tonnage .

Britain is building the largest airlines – Queen Elizabeth the superclass. The new British companies will be almost three times the size of the previous generation; Carriers “Cast-off” are bought increasingly by small nations, so that the operating world tonnage is destined to increase – the average annual tonnage of construction is more sensitive; the United States to build a new generation – The Gerald R Ford class. Countries with an operational aircraft carrier this capacity is never give up.

Simpler, lighter, more powerful than steam catapults are designed. – Electromagnetic launch systems They will be able to launch unmanned human pilots G forces could not tolerate planes. Air battles fought by drones carried out remotely by carrier-based athletes (or ground) for secure data link is a real possibility before the end of the century.

New carriers busting missiles as Chinese Dong Feng 21D (CSS-4 Mod 5 NATO) will help increase the defensive technological developments.

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