Volvo Penta Outdrivers

The history of Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta history dates back to 1868 when Mekaniska Verkstad och Gjuteri Shofde founded . They began with the manufacture of iron products and materials . During the 1920s , the first breakthrough for Penta happened. In 1922 , the first outboard engine was introduced. In 1925 , Penta has received its first order for AB Volvo engines , two years later, the first Volvo cars have been performed using fully Penta engines . In the 1930s , Volvo activity has become more important for Penta , and in 1935, the company bought Volvo engine , and renamed Volvo Pentaverken . The name was shortened to only Volvo Penta . In 1946 , a major innovation came into play, created the first six-cylinder diesel engines online. This meant that the engines were now quieter and ran with combustion. This allowed the new company to be honored and forerunner in the industry. Another breakthrough came in 1954 , when the first of a series of turbo diesel engines were introduced. In 1982 , Volvo Penta has become an independent subsidiary of the Volvo Group . These Volvo drivers out and motors are also used in boats.

Volvo Penta Repair Outdriver

If you are having problems with your Volvo Penta Outdrivers you may want to do the following before taking the car or a boat in the repair shop . First consult your owner’s manual and see what they offer tips and advice to consumers who are experiencing problems with outdrivers . If none of these tips work, before taking it, so you want to try the following . If your system is electric and has a lift type jack- screw , and you can actually hear the engine running , check the outdriver is down and locked position. You will then need to locate the elevator controller , locate the black box that is just above the engine, with the son to run . Delete this box pole found . You will need to remove the top of the mast.

You will see there is a metal piece on the pole, is about six inches high there. Once you remove it you will be able to get a good view of the screw jack and dock two inches. Many times it is the spring that could be your problem , may have lost their tension. If this is your problem , all you need do is add a new washing machine in the spring summit , which will help restore spring tension that was missing before . You must ensure that the center of the ring is big enough for the cat to fit exactly screw around and not get a ring that is too small or too large , it will not work with the system . Then all that’s left for you to do is spoil the rear mast , replace the black box to its original position . When you connect the black box , make sure that the nut is on the bottom of the box directly under the pole. If not in the correct position, not working properly and the engine has to stop.

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