Volvo 140 Owning up to your personal space on the car’s history

Also in its own history , Volvo is a Swedish world leading commercial vehicles , buses and construction equipment manufacturer of propulsion systems for marine and industrial applications , aerospace components and services , and this group provides complete solutions for financing and service. Volvo Cars , however , is that the automaker we know today, as it has been owned by the Ford Motor Company since 1999.

The name Volvo is a Latin word which means ” I roll” . This name is undoubtedly well as a description of their products – vehicles – the offices of the company. However, at first, is a name for a ball bearing that has been developed by the company , at that time , provided funding to a small number of employees to be able to set the company vehicles manufacture. Today, the Volvo Group manufactures vehicles in twenty five countries , with sales in more than 185 markets worldwide .

Some of the reasons why Volvo had took the initiative to sell the automobile production was due to increased development costs of new car models , added with the fact that at the time was a small producer of such . His strategy was to grow as a truck manufacturer where it had a strong market position . Now , Volvo range vehicles is included and part of the line of the Ford Motor Company in place.

The list of Volvo models could look endless new models regularly go on the market. Part of the list includes the Volvo 140 which includes Volvo models 142 , which is a two-door vehicle , the Volvo 144 , which has four doors and the Volvo 145 , which is a real estate shopping . This model was introduced in 1967 . Volvo 140 series was the start of using a set of three numbers of operations. There is a kind of acronym for the first number indicates the series, the second number indicates the serial number and the third digit indicates the number of doors.

The first Volvo to present the classic boxy look is the Volvo 140 . This provided plenty of interior space compared to the Volvo Amazon . He also wore a radical new design with the only similar to those of the Amazon is the distribution network and parts of the interior features . The basic shape of the Volvo 140 lived in the 1990s with the 200 series . It uses the same engine of 85 horsepower, and later was changed to B20 engine . A 115 hp engine is also available . Back in 1966, the Volvo 140 had been awarded and was named Car of the Year for the year by the Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld .

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