Vauxhall History

Vauxhall cars (the company which is known as Vauxhall Motors) was born in the UK and became a well known car company. Vauxhall Motors is a subsidiary of GM, the largest automaker in the world overall.

The company was founded by Alexander Wilson in 1856 in a beautiful city of London which gives the company name-Vauxhall. Initially, the company name was Alex Wilson and Company, then Vauxhall Iron Works specializes in the construction of pumps and marine engines.

In the first Vauxhall car was built in 1903. He was a model with a 5 HP tiller, 2 forward speeds and no reverse gear. Interesting, is not it? In this model, the car was designed using Tires other versions and available for sale.

When things start to work, the company decided to increase production and moved the production of almost all of Luton in 1905. The company was selling cars under the name Vauxhall Iron Works. It stopped in 1907 when it was decided to call the company “Vauxhall Motors”, a name that stood for years, until today. The company is known for its sporting models of the first World War and then designed, only the austere models.

Vauxhall Motors was purchased by General Motors in 1925 to $ 2.5 million. And from this year’s Vauxhall was influenced by American cars and Ford (which was the main competitor to Vauxhall) have influenced the style of European car manufacturers.

During production of the Second World War car was stopped because Opel was necessary to work in the Churchill tank, which was designed and assembled in Luton, almost a year. No more than 5,600 Churchill tanks were built.
After the war, car production resumed but models were designed more as a mass market product leading to expansion of the company. In 60 Vauxhall acquired a reputation for making rust-prone models and it was very bad for him. Although protection against corrosion in integrated models of the company’s reputation continued to 80.

Of 70, many models of society have been designed and built in collaboration with Opel in Germany (known as Adam Opel GmbH Opel is an automobile manufacturer based in Germany). Models like the Chevette, Cavalier and Carlton were basically redesigned versions of the Kadett, Ascona and Rekord. The viceroy was simply a new version of the Opel Commodore imported from Germany.
And that was the beginning of the “Opelisation” of Vauxhall. General Motors was the rebadged Opel Vauxhall policy, designed and developed in RĂĽsselsheim, with the help of a lot less Luton.

In the 70 and 80 duplicates of General Motors sold cars: Opel and Vauxhall side by side. General Motors Europe has started to standardize the names of models in both brands in the early 90s. Nearly all models now Vaxhall the same names as those of Opel (except VX220 is sold by Opel Speedstar).

The Luton plant closed in 2000, but production continues at the Ellesmere Port plant. Despite already achieved efficiency targets Vauxhall has been told to continue to improve productivity.

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