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It finally happened: being “green” has become very modern and cool to do! While this is great news for the environment, it also means that we must all be clear on how to do really. Consequently, there is a small amount of confusion regarding things like this vehicle is the friendliest environment option. Perhaps you’ve asked this question: Is it better to stop to check your local car dealers or to buy a bit of fantasy “green” new machine?

Versus manufacturing Recycling

Most people today are accustomed to things like recycling glass, paper and plastic. It makes sense, after all, the reuse of this stuff instead of sending them to landfills while creating even more of this waste again. Well, the same is true for vehicles. Think about everything that goes into the production of a new car and all the necessary materials – metal, plastic, electrical circuits, and more – and the difficulty of having everything in a responsible manner. Obviously, it makes sense to try to keep a running condition of the vehicle as long as possible. Studies have actually shown that between 12 and 28 percent of all carbon emissions generated throughout the “life” of a typical vehicle dioxide are emitted during production, before it strikes streets! But when it comes to the manufacture of hybrid, this process has even more environmental impact – about double that of a normal vehicle manufacture. Buying a used car is the winner of this round.

Electricity compared to gasoline

This seems obvious at first glance. Undoubtedly, the fact that a new high-hybrid technology works with an electrical charge means that is cleaner, greener, right? Well, not really. If you look a little closer you’ll see that the reality does not live up to the hype. Today, most of the electricity in the world still comes from generators, steam turbines using fossil fuels, so most of the electricity needed to charge the batteries of electric cars is derived from the same plant fossil fuels, like the rest of energy consumption. Even his energy is produced in a green way, running an electric vehicle continues to create carbon emissions. When taking into account the environmental impact of heavy manufacturing, as explained above, and lithium extraction for vehicle batteries, it seems that car dealers visit for a vehicle that gets good mileage gas is the best option again.

Silver Versus Time

Everyone knows the familiar saying – time is money! Well, aspects of “being green” is sometimes overlooked is simple effectiveness, do not forget to study if we make more or less effective in our shiny new appliances. We could waste time, and therefore money, make and use things that are supposed to save energy? For example, consider an electric car with a range of about 75 miles per charge, consider the time spent on long journeys. Obviously, drivers will integrate charging your total travel time, expressed in miles per hour. Incredibly, one of the tests showed that the traveling speed during a long trip in an electric car had a quiet six miles per hour! It is only slightly faster than a donkey. The car used to reach the top again in our last round, so cleaning.

So now you know, check out the models available in your local dealers used cars and spread the word – the greenest machines are once owned by someone else!

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