Tips for high mileage Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid


Many of the Toyota and Lexus vehicles use the Hybrid Synergy Drive for some extraordinary advantage. You can use some simple for even more mileage out of these cars techniques.

First, a basic understanding of how they work. A gasoline engine (slightly modified) works like any other car. The engine is coupled to a pair of electric motors serving as electric generators, one large and one small. Three (gas engine, small motor, a large motor) are connected together along a single common axis. This tree becomes a heavy belt that turns the wheels. No transmission.

Pressing the foot on the accelerator, no cable that connects the fuel into the engine than in other cars. Instead, the accelerator pedal indicating a trusted computer away. This team decides how much fuel to power the motor, and the amount of electricity to transfer the traction battery to the electric motor to fulfill your request.

If traveling by car difficult, of course, your mileage may suffer. If you drive carefully, your mileage will improve, like any car. But you can use the computers at these cars and get even more mileage.

General Software learns your driving habits and detects your current situation. A time system modifies the opening and closing, adapted to provide power, economy, or somewhere between the engine valves. Ever conducted in a way that tilts the parameters “of the economy,” software will encourage the valve timing to the economy (high mileage).

By removing a stop, if it accelerates smoothly, you can stay in electric mode and not use fuel. Do not obstruct other vehicles.

Other software recognizes when you can be in slow traffic or stop-and-go. Will attempt to use the electric motor more than usual (less fuel), as is likely to be off soon.

To deliberately force the state mileage infinite (since you are moving, but not used fuel), take your foot off the accelerator for two seconds. This killed the engine. Then gently press the accelerator enough to match current speed, then gently push a little harder to maintain speed or accelerate slightly. You continue without fuel, provided much more acceleration is required, you do not go up, and the traction battery is not too low. More battery gets, the harder it is to stay in electric-only mode.

The only electric motor having enough power to accelerate smoothly at almost any speed. For further acceleration, the gasoline engine kicks in to provide extra power. Otherwise force in electric mode, the engine usually keeps burning fuel, reduce your mileage.

Do not worry more for the traction battery down; whenever low for some reason, the gasoline engine works to charge the battery.

Mileage suffer during the cold season. Winter fuel mix provides all low mileage cars. In addition, the performance of heater draws heat from the engine, which works even when you stand to provide heat. Blocking of the network before operating the heater hot engine. Some people use the broken pieces of foam that is used to enclose the hot water pipes. Remember to unlock when the weather warms up or the engine may overheat.

Software recover more energy to slow down and use it to charge the battery if you press the brake pedal (regenerative braking) slightly. If slow inertia, which also charge the battery, but not both.

Looking ahead to the traffic signs and patterns. Plan your speed to brake less and travel through the intersection of the green lights instead of braking and sitting at a red light. The more stable the speed, the greater your mileage.

Avoid excessive high speeds. The faster you go, the worse your mileage. Your best combination of mileage and speed will be about 55 MPH, ideal for rural two-lane roads.

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