Tips and advice on stocking your classic car in winter

We do not let our classics to rent in the depths of winter car, especially when the first frosts arrive and guidance begin spreading salt on the roads. Our cars have never rust on new state and although we tend to ourselves that will never be made completely Waxoyl and always leaves the green body, which is subject to the dreaded tin auger.

We all took the road during the winter and working on our list of improvements and put our whole garage for its flagship service. store them for winter is not just a matter of lead in the garage and do, and recommend that owners of classic cars made both of the following as possible.

Cleaning and polishing the whole car properly, including the bottom of the trunk lids and bonnet as the engine compartment is accessible. empty and clean and polish shoes inside the shoe and the trunk floor.

Even if you have the spare tire to make sure it is clean and check the tire pressure. As the tires can lose a bit of pressure over time when stored, pumped a few PSI more than necessary.

Sprinkle the bottom of the car and dry as best you can – if necessary to take it for a short dry unit – so that no salt on the roads during the.

Check the carpet to see if they are all wet – more conventional tend to leak to some extent. If possible, raise the carpet and soundproofing or any subfloor and make sure the soil is not wet. In this case, remove the carpet, dry and polish the floor. Hang the canvas and in the garage to dry, or store them in the dryer if it is allowed.

If you have more than carpets of the feet, it is a good idea to remove them to allow the master bed to breathe. Store them in a place where they will keep dry or dry if necessary.

If there was one inside the unit wet everything that can slide on the carpet covering the tunnel gearbox and transmission or carpet under seats. Install a mini dehumidifier to dry the inside of the car slowly for a couple of weeks. These are not expensive – around £ 30 per person and I have used for over 15 years. They consume only 40 W so do not cost much money to leave work permanently. Draw water and fill a small tank that needs to empty when the light changes from red to green. Continue to run the dehumidifier until water in the tank is displayed.

Put the car with the windows when the dehumidifier dissolved humidity of air flowing around the car permanently extracted.

More important to keep the windows shut they closed their local rodents decide to make their winter residence inside the car and chewing on the carpet and seats.

If you have the luxury to keep your car stored in a Carcoon or AirChamber then as long as the fans we ran dry the car in and out of driving de- humidifier is not necessary. We maintain our vehicles in a AirChamber that works extremely well.

Check all fluid levels under the hood: Cooling – complete with antifreeze instead of water; oil; brake and clutch fluid and electrolyte level.

Connect a trickle charger to keep the battery charged. I prefer to show a red LED during charging and green LED at full load if the state of charge can be seen with the naked eye. There are some chargers premium over the market price by more than £ 70, but usually bought me the right in the price range of £ 20 to £ 30, which worked perfectly. Some of them come with bonus tracks, with a line output, which can be mounted on the car so that the charger can only be connected. I rode one of these in our MGB to save me having to lift the panel on batteries to attend. You can also connect directly cigarette lighter in a live broadcast, it was not by running, plug the charger cigarette lighter, then you can simply be plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Pump up tires in a few psi above normal to allow pressure loss during winter.

Do not use the parking brake if it sticks to.

If your car is convertible, keep the hood up and strained to keep it dry and free of mold.

If you have chrome wire wheels, clean them and give them a generous layer of WD40. This can be cleaned in the spring.

It is a good idea to start the car at least once a month during the winter and fully implement the operating temperature. If possible, and salt was not used on the roads for a while and then take it for a short time. If this is impossible, at least come and go from the garage to ensure that the works of clutch, the brakes have not slept in and at least get some of the oils and fats do their job in moving parts. Try all the switches also to make sure they work. switching contacts can oxidize inside when not in use and simply turn on and off will help prevent this.

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