Things you did not know about the Chevrolet Tahoe !

First, the Tahoe label was full of ambiguities that different vehicles have been released with the same label that makes it difficult to identify accurately.

Model Tahoe is sold under different names in different countries. Tahoe GMT 400 was sold as the Grand Blazer in the Brazilian market . Tahoe can not be one of those areas that are designed for the common man .

As a result , the vehicle is mainly used by elite units of the police as BOPE Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo ROTA GATE .

In 2007 Tahoe was featured in a television series Donald Trump , The Apprentice. More than 400 ads were created in total contrast over 20,000 negative ads were created positively to an online contest so , which meant that the level of popularity of this SUV.

As for the latest images Tahoe 2009 , feels a level worthy of the oldest models of change , although the performance will be the most noticeable difference. This is because the Tahoe 2009-2010 promises excellent performance , thanks to the hybrid model which includes the powerful V8 engine .

Furthermore, the last Tahoe also have the revised Hybrid Electric , which had debuted in the fall of 2007, with a hefty price tag of U.S. $ 50 540 .

If you feel that this is a lot of money and probably General Motors Chevrolet and give you an idea to reduce prices then think again ! They did exactly the opposite of the 2009 models come with a larger price tag of $ 51.405 USD!

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