The Rise and Fall of the Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12

Introduced in 1971, the Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12 was a great leap forward in the series 2 XKE. With its 4.2-liter six-liter XKE Series 3 V-12 introduced a new category of racing. XKE Series 3 V-12 Jaguar had risen after the weakening of their classic line six-cylinder XK due to emissions regulations. It was, indeed, an upgraded engine sports car with further improvements.

The main change in this Jaguar XKE was a huge screens of the intake covered by order, so adding movies on wheel arches wider tires. The bulge holds the bell chassis iconic, although it was necessary to accommodate the new engine.

The Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12’s introduction in 1971, it seemed a good idea at the time. The iconic XKE time was 10 by then and was behind in terms of power and performance. Emission control also were felt in the series 2 as less engine power. To regain lost market share Jaguar began to develop a better engine from the ground, and there was no better candidate than the venerable XKE series presenting this new engine.

The plan was launched, and in March 1971, Jaguar unveiled its long-rumored “new” sports model, XKE Series 3. Following the success of its predecessor XKE Series 3 boasted boasted boasted a powerful and exotic (at the time) V-12 engine.

Unfortunately, the third XKE series has never come close to matching the success of previous XKE models. The 1970s has unfortunately not repeat the predominance of older models xke seen in the 60s. Fault, it must be said, can not be placed directly at the feet of Jaguar.

Manufacture of motor vehicles were once the province of a small shop. In the early days of automobile history each car was hand made in small quantities by the talented and passionate engineers, mechanics and artisans. They could take their time and are in their creations, as if the car had an artistic enterprise.

Unfortunately for small luxury carmakers like Jaguar this system of small craft workshops with a limited number of cars was not commercially viable. Plants should be updated, simplified parts and engines for mass production and the production had to be increased significantly for the company to stay in business. Combine this with the fact that U.S. lawmakers at the time were eager to regulate vehicle emissions for the bad news for Jaguar sports.

Its powerful engine that was once the envy of the world was struggling with the fight against smog technology that hampered performance. The body lines are marked by an infusion of new security lights and bumpers, also required by the new government safety and consumer protection laws.

To be fair Jaguar was just one of many long struggle automakers with these new regulations. More lived in cars to government specifications rather than the traditional automobile engineering. Combine this with the fact that in 1971 the roads of America and Europe had become very congested with traffic, preventing Jaguar lovers to enjoy your average Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12 Maximum road.

The Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12 was a victim of his time. When the sports car is undertaking was not as good as in the past. Manufacturers of luxury cars like Jaguar niche have been lost in the endless pursuit of meeting government regulations instead of creating the ultimate road car / sport.

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