The perforated cylinder

Modern technology continues to fascinate the world with its fast and effective improvements in our daily lives. The perforated, eg cylinder is an important part of our present and future that probably will not even know was there.


Almost all cars on the road today use technology known as noise dampening muffler, which disperses the exhaust from the rear of the car to calm the noise emitted from the engine. Inside the silencer, a set of tubes that direct waves and sound gas through openings single, in the middle of which is a set of perforated cylinder which acts to interrupt the flow of exhaust gas. This noise cancellation to effectively diffuse noise created by the combustion engine.

Resource Gathering

Offshore drilling is responsible for much of the oil that fuels our modern world. The removal process crude oil from beneath the ocean floor requires a filtration process that is only possible with the use of a system of perforated cylinder. Without this system, the crude oil can not be separated from the salt, water and other impurities from the surrounding environment.


The perforated cylinder has even played a role in space exploration. Thanks to their applications in heat dissipation and structural integrity, this technology lends itself to the needs of advanced space exploration. The need to implement complex information wiring can be routed through a covered tube also it provides a solid framework for the spacecraft. Perforations release large amounts of potentially damaging heat generated by the circuit. This method has been used in several space missions, including the mobile robot on the surface of Mars.

Audio applications

Similar in concept behind the muffler, sound system can dampen the sound waves. The perforated cylinder can provide effective sound insulation in the studio and the configuration of the car, allowing a better quality recording. The most recent uses, however, are the most impressive. Pregnant recent models take the form of tubes may project sound in multiple directions. This round, when constructed from strong materials, made to robust speakers that can support wireless connectivity with smartphones and modern laptops. This design is changing the way our modern world seems, as we move away from monitors and sound systems that are based on the unidirectional projection.

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