The objects of affection for classic Ford fans

I’ve always been a fan of the classic Ford. I have very fond memories of my father in his motion Crown Vic, and I remember the joy and love that gave the car. The children were never allowed to eat, drink or chew gum in his beloved “Victoria”. My father is dead, and I am the proud owner of his true love. I never realized the relationship you can have with a car until he became the proud owner of a classic car, thanks to my father.

Classic cars had many admirers following:


Who does not like the line-up of this car comes back in the fifties? This car was a pickup truck. This car was the first ancestor of the trucks we see today. These cars were cut or convertible called standard containing a small cargo box instead of a trunk. Incredibly, the Ranchero was easier than other cars to get funding because it was easier to get a loan from a truck instead of a car.

Shelby Cobra

For more information about this sport, you must first meet a Texan named Carroll Shelby, whose name is associated with one of the most successful cars of all time. Mr. Shelby was a racing driver, and when his health (heart) cut his season short in the circuit, became an automobile entrepreneur. Originally, the sports car was to be sold only in the United States, but this idea did not last long. The UK market has completed the first version of this car just drive in 1963 and sold throughout Europe. The Cobra production ended in December 1968.


This car was a direct competitor of the Impala. Both cars were huge with luxurious interiors and beautiful trunks contained so large that you could build a house with them. The Galaxy is born in 1959 and was produced until 1974. Erich Merkle industry analyst for Ford Motor Company once said: “It was a vehicle that meets the needs of most people somewhere in the middle.”

Model T

This classic car was born in 1908 with the first to be sold for $ 950. At some point in history, the Model T sold for $ 280. This vehicle has gone from being an affordable means of transport for a luxury for those who could afford it.

The Hi-Boy

This term is used to refer to the Ford F-250 and shows that it is a nickname instead of a Ford truck registered name. We love these trucks, or hate, there is never an intermediate product of Ford.

For a Ford truck considered a Hi-Boy, you must meet the following standards:

-1967 A-250 1977 Ford 4X4
-The front spring pack containing an arc
The transmission shaft -3
-The choice before the vehicle was low pinion Dana 60 or Dana 44 8-ear
-360 2 FF. Engines V-8 or 6-cyclinder
Assisted steering cylinder or manual


With 4-cylinder Ford vehicles was completed in 1933. V-8 models like this car has received the attention of consumers. Only son of Henry Ford, Edsel Ford decided to put a V-8 in this elegant machine. Who could not help falling in love with the curved windshield and sloping grille and sharp corners of the hood and trunk? This car has been and is a beauty to behold for any fan of the classic Ford car.

Model A

This car was produced from 1927 – 1931 and proved to be the second most successful model of Ford Motor Company. This model followed the creation of the Ford Model T and was available in four standard colors, but not black.

5 Window Coupe

Contains two door Ford Cup windows, a rear window and two rear side windows. This car is the most popular conversions street rods. Everyone can agree that the original versions of these cars are very popular. Most people think of these cars, and talk time in our country from quarantine in the sixties. It is a collectible classic cars Ford expensive.

The GT40

This classic car was originally known as 4-time Le Mans winning race. It is said that this classic was the first supercar world. The vehicle was created for the race in hopes of competing with the Italian Ferrari. If you want one of these cars in perfect condition, ready to deliver 6 figures easily acquire this magnificent classic race.

“I’ve saved the best for last”

Crown Victoria

It is a mere sedan provides plenty of space and storage. A fact that many people do not know about this classic car is that with the Model T in 1909, both are based on structures that are separated from their bodies. The transmission is locked behind the engines mounted at the front and rear solid to both the rear of the vehicle. This car was withdrawn from production, but if you like the comfort and size of the car, if you can find a used Mercury Grand Marquis (no longer available new), you can enjoy the services similar to the Great Victory.

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