The new Lamborghini Gallardo and Gallardo LP570 – 4 with the forged wheels

Throughout the history of Lamborghini , no model has been more successful than the Gallardo , selling more than 13,000 units since its first release to the public again in 2003 . The super car has gone through several generations and redesigns and before the next major update to the automaker has decided to upgrade the current generation car and to present it at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The new car features a different color body is forged wheels led lighting and upgraded with the same engine and transmission powerful than the models used in pre – update.

The first model presented at the Paris Salon was the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 -4 . The new design is super car look more dynamic and aggressive , while the incorporation of new technologies such as LED lighting inside the headlights and taillights . A new roof has been given the characteristics Gallardo trapezoidal shapes and large air intakes to cool the engine and the braking system . The update also allows you to generate support by adding a new wing to improve handling at high speed.

Each side of the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 – 4 gives more downforce flowing into new outlets for cooling the rear brakes and engine. New forged wheels also help to balance the weight on the axle of the wheel and the introduction of a new double spoke design with glossy black finish and machined polished silver rays .

In the back of the Lamborghini Gallardo feels the same design elements and angular trapezoidal with a larger air intake helps to dissipate a lot of heat. A rear diffuser also helps keep sowing shaft and better manage the effect ventrui enjoy .

LP560 – 4 screen next to the Gallardo was the new Gallardo LP570 – 4 Edizione Tecnica . The new all-wheel drive model is powered by a tuned version of the 5.2-liter engine V – 10 with 570 horsepower and e-gear transmission . The Edizione Tecnica is a more driver-oriented car which has a large rear spoiler in carbon fiber , which generates a lot of support, new carbon ceramic brakes with greater stopping power and lightweight forged wheels that improve performance driving in general. The new supercar will also come standard with a set of two-tone colors with a contrasting color painted on the vaulted ceiling and vents before highlighting the curves and sharp edges of the profile of the car.

The new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 – 4 Gallardo 570-4 Technical Edizione will be available in November 2012 with a full range of performance and style options , such as forged wheels , improved interior materials and brakes.

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