The Jeep Mystique

Jeep civil trucks

What is the “Jeep Mystique” anyway? Well, let’s say that no other vehicle in the history of automobile manufacturing has ever taken the imagination of so many people.

Since this is the birth of necessity and the test of fire at the beginning and by the participation of the United States in World War II, the Jeep has become much more than it was.

The first designers were mandated by the United States Army for the first time to build a small utility vehicle, but this small discordant 4×4 platform finally wear many hats during the war.

The first types of terrains were used for general transportation, wear mounted .50 caliber machine guns, towed artillery weapons, serve as field ambulances and more.

Today, the Jeep has undergone many changes and there have been a number of different models that have come out of the original military style. However, the legacy of these original “universal” types of World War II lived in:

Willy-Overland CJ (Civil Jeep)
Kaiser (Willys) CJ,
AMC and Chrysler Wrangler YJ, TJ, and
JK current models.

Throughout the way it has been:

2 1/2 ton military trucks in jeep,
Jeep civil trucks,
Jeepsters by car
Jeep Forward Control of vans,
Delivery vans and Jeeps postcards and
SUV styles like Wagoneer, Cherokee Jeep, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Commander, Patriot and Compass.

Why do many of us admire this unusual piece of metal, plastic and rubber?

I can not speak for anyone else, but for me, the Jeep symbolizes freedom on many fronts. First of all, it is an original historical role in helping to liberate the oppressed from all over the world and to restore freedom and freedom … and secondly, the functional capacity of different types of land is to ‘go to Places where most other vehicles can not.

Therefore, the Mystique Jeep can be summed up as a reminder of our freedoms and our responsibilities to strive to maintain the necessary freedoms. It’s a love story for many Americans and people around the world since 1940.

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