The importance of upgrading oil cooler for your bike

For many motorcycle owners, proper maintenance of your trip is a very important thing. Many motorcycle owners make the mistake of thinking that overheating motorcycle engines simply because of the temperature of the ambient air. Many think that an engine cooled air will be enough to keep the engine cool.

The truth is that it is not necessarily true. On one hand, the poor quality of fuel available should be taken into account in the market today. In addition, the bicycle may require an update of the cooler air.

There are many advantages when upgrading air cooler. As is known, oil is cooled using a heat exchanger strategically placed behind the fans. the flow of oil through its fins is provided, even when the fans are activated. Now, when the oil temperature does not reach 220 degrees Fahrenheit mark, the fans will be activated to blow air through it.

Fans will continue to blow air until the temperature drops of oil to 190 degrees. oil cooler will continue to work if your bike is in motion or not, ensuring that the oil maintains a stable temperature. also adds unnecessary noise. Fans of oil coolers are quiet.

Furthermore, no air jet fans feel because the air moves under the motorcycle. Essentially, you do not even know that the oil cooler is there, unless you look at the LED indicator can be mounted virtually anywhere you want. In addition to cool the oil and maintains the engine temperature at an acceptable level, an oil cooler provides additional benefits, including the reduction of ping and knock on the engine that results in better performance. This is also one reason why many owners of motorcycle invest in this update.

Installation of an air cooler is very easy. However, you must ensure that you perform all the steps recommended by the manufacturer. Before installing the oil cooler, you must start the bike and let it idle for a few minutes. After that, turn off the engine and check for leaks. If you can not find the leak, take your bike to take a brisk walk. After circulating for a few miles, stop your bike and stop the engine for leaks. And finally, you should also check the adapter hex screws that can be found along the perimeter of the oil filter.

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