The importance of tightening the spokes wire wheels in classic cars


I have a number of classic cars and I’ve never really been a fan of wire wheels for a variety of reasons. First, they take a lot of cleaning and is very difficult to get between all the spokes and hub cleaned properly. Second, and more importantly, the shelves can come off, or worse, they actually can crack or break under the hard driving. I’ve never had a radio hit me, you really need to make some sharp increase to fail, but did loosening.
Over the years, I have replaced the wire wheels in some of our vehicles (MGB Roadster, Triumph and Austin Healey TR4A) with alloy wheels and alloy wheels Minilite type D in our Jaguar E-Type. They are easier to clean, no mess with rays and are actually easier for companies to properly balance tire so we usually make for a smoother ride better. One of my latest acquisitions is a 1961 Jaguar Mk2 saloon happened with chrome wire wheels. Minilites look out of place in a Jaguar and change the standard steel wheels entail the replacement of the centers, and look a bit simple and boring. So for now I’ll stick with wire wheels.
Cleaning the wheels recently, I realized that some rays were loose, and a lot of credit to my local garage also realized this in the annual ITV to test the car, so I decided I had to check all radios on the five reels (including the spare).
This is not a trivial task and can not do with the wheels of the car that you need to be able to get both sides of the wheels to grip the outer and inner radii. The first thing that needs a spoke wrench, or at least one of the keys the same size as the ringleaders. The rays themselves do not tighten, remain in place for the nipples are nipples that need tightening. These are equipped with the wheel rim steel spokes and nipple head is therefore within the wheel, touching the inflated inner tube. Pressing the nipples with the inflated tire is probably going to pinch the tube and could drill.
The first thing to do is deflate the tire almost completely. Then find the radius (s) loose and pull the nipple to the radius really feel loose. Once the beam (s) are tight loose, then you must work around the entire wheel to tighten all nuts a little ray. Start with the valve and work around the outer rays, then turn the steering wheel and avoid internal rays. So do not overtighten the shelves, simply push a bit and then work all the way around the wheel again giving another small settlement.
After all the rays were tight, you can reinflate the wheel to the correct pressure, then back to the car and move to the next round. Fill in all five reels will probably take a couple of hours. Especially if, like me, you use the opportunity to have the wheels of the vehicle, cleaning and polishing correctly.

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