The history of the Suzuki AH 50 Scooter

Launched in 1992, the Suzuki AH50 scooter was designed in Europe as a fun little bike. At just 60 pounds, it was really the baby Suzuki AH series, which included both models 100 and 125 cc. As its name clearly states, the AH 50 was powered by a small 49cc engine. Another in a line was air-cooled two-stroke engines found on two-wheeled vehicles Suzuki since 1960.

Suzuki’s engineers have managed to squeeze 49cc 6.5 hp unit, which is a lot for a 60-kg bike! The automatic transmission has allowed everyone to start driving immediately. With its 10-inch wheels tubeless wheelbase and low, is easy to handle. It was not long before 50 AH SUZUKI became popular among young drivers looking for a legal scooter responds to the throttle. In fact, the European car enthusiasts improve performance to a new level with custom parts and mods. At least one Italian company has offered kits to improve acceleration and power delivery cyclists. While scooters factory specifications often reach 70 miles per hour, focusing rumored AH 50 motorcycles to cross the magical 100 Figure!

If you see a Suzuki AH50 on the street today, can not be recognized as such with a sports bike heritage. It has clean lines and design of the 90 of the other series AH-scooters, attractive, but not spectacular. However, an original 1990 AH 50 registered in the UK will have a small engine, based on rider safety laws at this time. The dashboard was basic, providing the driver with important information in a cluster. The AH 50 to come with such sensitive functions as a storage area under the seat small enough, great for a bicycle helmet.

Most scooters have suffered Suzuki AH50 existing customization or repair. Common areas are small mirrors and seat. However, an enthusiast can always choose to reverse engineer a Suzuki AH 50 back to factory specifications. Since the production of the bike stopped in 1995, only a few parts distributors deemed to conduct real AH 50 games. An expert dealer can also help you identify AH 50 parts are interchangeable with other series AH-scooters. With a little effort, you can easily restore this scooter. Even today, a Suzuki AH 50 in good condition is a low-cost scooter has little emotion frills but high enough!

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