The history of Suzuki Scooter 100 AH

In 1992, the Suzuki AH 100 became the last bike that offers Japanese two-wheeler giant. Designed to attract urban drivers, HA 100 was powered by a cylinder base, only 99cc two-stroke engine. Suzuki had already gained a reputation in the design of two scooters and AE 50 AH 100 and continued the tradition of reliability.

With only 8 hp on tap, this Suzuki scooter has never been designed to solve the burning streets. However, it could still do 60 miles per hour, which is not bad considering the SH 100 Teeny has 10 inches. Safety is enough front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The Suzuki AH 100 was also a very light bike just 90 kgs. This made management a breeze for riders of all ages, height and construction. The SH 100 comes with automatic transmission, which has simplified the learning process. After a few minutes of practice, even a rookie can confidently zoom in AH 100 scooter.

The dashboard provides all the basic information to a remote cluster odometer, speedometer, and various indicators and lights. The automatic transmission has very simple controls, with a single throttle and brakes of two. The Suzuki AH100 even came with electric start, making it a complete package of comfort and ease. Also provided a boost to the cold and as a self-start backup.

While production ceased in 1996, you can always find a used Suzuki 100 AH drag in town. Build quality is excellent, with a classic long and elegant scooter. Very elegant look, the AH100 is comfortable, with an ergonomic design and a comfortable seat. Under the seat, a storage compartment can easily maintain the pilot’s helmet.

Enthusiasts and proud owners still use the Suzuki AH 100 as the daily rat race in the city. Since production ceased 20 years ago, the owners may have difficulties to the original parts. Some traders still shares AH100 spares that can keep the scooter running like new. While the Suzuki two-stroke engine usually not all problems, the time may have taken its toll on the other components. With a little care and a couple of books, a Suzuki AH 100 can be restored, giving it a city bike sips cheaper than gasoline, but spit efficiency.

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