The history of Maserati cars

Maserati officially began in 1926 , when the process of Bologna, Italy , the brothers who had previously worked for Diatto create race cars Diatto decided that after stopped making race cars, they would themselves.

They created a race car that won the 1926 Targa Florio . This race was held in the mountains of Palermo , Sicily , and was both dangerous and treacherous race that included sharp turns and the temperature differences due to differences in height throughout the race . Because it was difficult to drive on a track to win the race is famous brothers . Enough to send them to the race car manufacturing as well . Brother Mario created the logo is known worldwide and the brothers began to create four, six , eight, and sixteen cars racing cylinder .

Well, brother Alfieri was the first driver to win the race that Maserati was introduced in 1932 , died . With his death , the remaining brothers continued over five years , possibly by selling part of its business to Adolfo Orsi in 1937. However, these brothers remained an active part of the car and took the engineering design functions with the new company when he moved to Modena.

In 1939 , Maserati was the winner of the Indianapolis five hundred in successive years. Then came the war and Maserati stopped making cars and instead focus on the war effort . It was a time of trials and tribulations they faced against Volkswagen Maserati. Maserati has tried to create a car of Mussolini , hoping to do before Ferry Porsche made ​​by Adolph Hitler. Of course this concept could not V -six TownCar . But the technology has been useful in the design of the A6 series that became popular after the war .

After the war , Maserati returned to the creation of racing cars . In 1950 , Maserati won the World Championship . In 1993 , Fiat became the owner in 1999 Maserati , Ferrari , which also was owned by Fiat , has paid a V8 engine and automated manual transmission models 2002 under the name Spyder and Coupe with some success. It is therefore not surprising that Maserati was founded in Italy , the home of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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