The history of car headlights from start to LED

I searched the web to this article on the development of car headlights from the beginning until the last LED.

As can determine when to start electric car headlights began in about 1898 by a company called The Company of electric vehicles in Connecticut, based in a place called Hartford. Although reference is read from gas lamps (acetylene) vehicles first used in 1880.

So it was a while ago and we are also interested in the development of the electric lamp of the car.

It is actually quite funny when you read the whole development of what was considered acceptable. The filaments of incandescent lamps (were) regularly wear, generally caused by road conditions also supply cars was very anemic and difficulties in providing the electricity needed, especially when we read that they were about one percent efficiency.

In today’s society, with the same challenge I’m sure you just give up.

All this did not stop our friends and Cadillac, apparently, was the first modern system of lighthouses. There was a provision quite new compared to previous efforts and could even be used in rain and snow without risk of burning. Oh, it was considered a revolution in its time.

They then move to a society called the Society of the lamp to guide published next breakthrough in about 1915. It was the introduction of the beam. In fact, it was not until about 1924 before we see a good projector beam up / down with an internal switch.

The next major development was the halogen lamp, which appeared in the arena of car headlights in Europe around 1962. These become mandatory in several countries because of their ability. The sealed beam headlamp as standard incandescent persisted until about 1978. The halogen lamp is still used today by many automakers.

The next evolution of systems was high intensity discharge lighting (HID), often described as xenon headlights. They began to appear in the top models of some German vehicles in about 1991. This is still a more expensive option and who have not yet been fully accepted by automobile manufacturers. The jury is still out on them.

This leads to the LED is removed slowly, but seems to move very quickly. His foray into the fog is still in its infancy, although its use in the taillights, brake lights and indicators seems assured.

Time will tell, but for now, the Xenon is considered an excellent design, but expensive, headlights and the LED 3157 and its derivatives paves the way for other small signal and the type of display lighting in the automotive landscape.

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