The history of American sailing ships

The history of sailing in Latin America is a thrill ride in American history, the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

La NiƱa, Pinta and Santa Maria are probably best known in the history of American ships. Columbus sailed these vessels in 1492 to try to discover a trade route across the Atlantic Ocean. He ends up discovering the New World October 12, 1492.

Another important part of the history of Latin America is sailing a sailboat called the chance that, in 1607, led the settlers of colonial Jamestown.

One of the most famous sailing of the Mary Celeste, November 5, 1872, was set to travel from New York to Italy to deliver alcohol. The boat was seen heading in the Strait of Gibraltar about a month later. The cargo of alcohol was on board and in good condition, but there was no answer ten passengers. Many people believe that alcohol on board began to flee, and the captain should have ordered all overboard, because I thought the boat would explode. The exact account of what happened on the Mary Celeste will probably never know.

Different types of boats in the history of American sailing are:

1. The Sloop-had a mast, and cut the sail. This type of vessel could be very important, and some were quite small.

2. The brigantine had two masts, and an onion. The foremast was square rigged, but the mast was not.

3. The brigantine had three masts and square sails on the foremast structure.

4. The three-masted schooner masts maximum ever used in a three-masted schooner was seven.

5. The schooner, her masts and rigging are like Brig.

6. The bark of trees, generally had four sails rigged.

7. Brigadier-General was a square-rigged vessel with two masts.

A bit more about the history of sailing in Latin America include:

1. The Wanderer-A schooner of sixty feet long fish, which was built in 1903.

2. The Wanderbird Stone on a fishing boat in the North Sea in 1963.

3. One of the Wawona-three, three-masted schooners still in the U.S.

4. A welcome schooner built in 1795 to collect the customs.

5. We are here in Massachusetts built before 1888. It was directed by Edward Byard.

6. A 125-feet west. Steel schooner.

7. Wendemeen-This is a schooner that was built in 1912.

8. Four Winds gaff schooner is in the clubs of Chicago.

9. Wolf-A 74-ft. top sail schooner is made with a steel helmet.

Throughout the history of American sailing ships, we had many different types of ships to guide us in the greatest of all voyages under sail.

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