The History Center of the automobile

The museum was opened July 6, 1974 and saw over 1.5 million visitors from the United States and 50 other over 40 other countries. The museum was born in Auburn Automobile Company (the former national headquarters of the Auburn Automobile Company), which was the manufacturing center of part of Auburn and cars of the bone seen on the streets of Auburn.

The museum has three floors of apartments with more than 120 cars manufactured from 1894 to 1999 years, specializing in cars in Auburn, Cord Duesenberg, and is the center of the larger screen and wide in these cars the world. After obtaining accreditation from the car in 1997 by the American Association of Museums (AAM), the museum has high standards, maintains an excellent reputation, accountability, continuous improvement and standards of the reorganization. These factors have been preserved from the time of recording time so that it is an area of ​​great attraction for visitors in recent years has resulted in being awarded some of the most rewards prestigious in the world, as shown best in “Ten destinations in reducing America” ​​in 2007 by MSNBC News.

For the car of a visitor to the United States is a “must” destination for them is all that is encouraging to see and learn from the makers of automotive history. It requires a return to the early 1930s and gives a real impression of how the automotive industry was in those years. Although the story has developed since the museum opened, its reputation and dedication has remained intact to promote the legacy of years automaker Auburn advance. His definitive breakthrough has kept the flow of visitors to the museum, open from 9 am to 17 pm daily to accommodate individual and family members who want to explore the beautiful center of automotive history. The museum houses some of the car models that make history, including a cable 810 Westchester Sedan 1936, which is one of the few units constituted the trunk of a riot (there are rare occasions or not not see other units unless they have been well maintained since then).

A 1929 Chrysler Imperial Roadster, which is composed of body parts and Locke won the CCCA (Classic Car Club of America) and AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) Price older. The museum plans to organize an annual event, including the auction of some of these legendary cars with auction proceeds were sent to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. This makes the best events, especially for lovers of classic cars will have to spend as little as $ 100 for the ticket of the auction. Other vehicles to be auctioned include the 1930 Auburn Speedster which has been customized and repair during the period to maintain its original style, a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Bicentennial Convertible with unique features like its original features preserved and a reading of odometer only 32 miles!

The museum defines the true history of the car and at one point in the life of a car enthusiast, plan to visit the owner of the magnificent history of the automobile.

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