The F-22 fighter jet is required

The F-22 fighter jet (which started life as the Advanced Tactical Fighter {ATF} and later became the air dominance fighter} {ADF) and the Typhoon were programs started in the early 80’s F-22 is intended to replace the F-15C / D While the Euro fighter intended to replace a large number of aircraft.

The JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) is a replacement for aircraft types such as (VSTOL variant planned for the Marines; Britain) Harrier, the F-16 (CTOL variant for the USAF) and the F / A-18C / D (naval variant USN).

Although the jury is still out on the JSF (As far as I am concerned) I think the F-22 has become one of those “projects that will not die,” as the M2 / M3 Bradley. The US government spent so much money on what they can not afford to buy it.

We Need? This problem is already questionable. We are not to “have to” or not. I believe, however, that the F-22 may be the last fight led to implementation. The focus will, IMHO, switch to highly skilled UCAV …

From a military point of view, yes. What will stop these European countries from selling this aircraft to any country I want? What will prevent members of the design team plans sales to other countries? It is possible that our aircraft will have to fly against the euro fighter InFact.

Please note, there was a time when Iraq was our ally (of all kinds). Just because someone is my ally today does not mean it will be tomorrow. If I put you in a piece of metal that for all practical purposes is a large explosive. You’ll have to fly faster than the speed of sound when triggered …. call me crazy, but I think I would be sitting in the most technologically advanced you can get your hands on.

Being at the forefront of military progress is not cheap or easy. But the most powerful country in the world remains the country with the most powerful army. You may well not impose their will if … you can not impose your will.

Our army is not only judged on the basis of their ability to fight those who probably will in the near future. But while you are there. including our own weapons.

A large number of fighter jets from Russia / Europe are at or has exceeded the capacity of the F-15E. This puts the United States at a disadvantage. In addition, F-15 will be aged at least 25 years. For a member who is taking the struggle for OPFOR own backyard, the US They have to dominate the battlefield. And that means having air superiority to operate with impunity.

Sure, it’s expensive. But who said that air superiority was cheap? If you looked in the 70s when the F-15 was still in its R & D phases lawmakers said the same damn thing, “too much of this plan,” And now we’ve had hundreds of them.

The F-22 is perhaps the biggest waste of money, since the B-1. Big, bad EM (energy maneuverability) heavy individual notes that it is not a good air plane. Instead of relying on the EM theory like the F-15 and 16 he was instead returned to faster with the doctrine. It just makes many devices in a plane that does not need. The EM theory proved that the lighter the plane, the better able to maneuver, the F-22 is one of the heaviest planes designed.

It is also over budget and its cost per plane is simply unacceptable. By the time the air force has enough money to replace its fleet with these flying boxes that will be a long time outdated.

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