The evolution of fire trucks

Fire trucks have become emblematic of our time. The big red truck is immediately linked to the courage, emergencies, and of course – the fire, a destructive force that can wreak havoc in residential areas, wildlife sanctuaries, crops and farms. Raging inferno can not only kill, but also cause significant damage to businesses and land. Unfortunately, it was more difficult to fight the fire in the past, farmers firefighters or occupants at the time did not have the bright red machine average appeal. To show that the beloved truck known as the fire truck arrived, here’s a brief history:

• Early models: OK, so the truck could not come into existence before the truck was invented. The first vehicles of fire fighting were actually portable water pumps. Created in 1700, the “brigade” would use the power of man to make these hand pumps instead of steam or fire fed. During the 1800s, firefighters finally begun to pay for their efforts and the horses were put to work to help bring the pump.

• The first fire engine: As technology has evolved and new designs have been made, the weight of the equipment could not be pulled by horses and in 1841, the first self-propelled steam United States fire engines arrived. Built in New York, was initially considered a dangerous option and unreliable by firefighters, but after decades, that eventually became popular.

• The steam power replaced: It was not long before the steam engine was successful and motor trucks began to take over. In 1911, Mack Trucks began producing a fire truck of their own and eventually became one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry.

• The following scales: buildings began to increase in size and although the scale was already around, it began to be mounted directly on the vehicle. After World War 2, the car was introduced, which gave access to the fire more difficult to reach corners.

• An icon is born: In the 1960s, the fire truck started to become a savior, who are used to seeing today. Of course, as new technologies became available, is added to improve the truck. Everything from platinum to hydraulic platforms and versatile 4×4 trucks are now readily available in case of emergency.

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