The different types of simple and compound machines

A single machine can simplify the task by changing the direction or magnitude of a force. This is a mechanical device that is used to multiply the force applied to a point. There are two main types of simple machines, which depends on the resolution of the force vector and the other in which there is a balance of couples.

Common examples of simple machines are the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, and wedge and screw. The lever is a simple machine which is often supported by only one of the bar. There are three types of levers. In first class levers, the fulcrum is in the center and flip-flop is a good example of this. Second class lever, the fulcrum is at the end and the examples are fishing rod and a can opener

And the hub of the wheel is a single machine that has two circular objects of different sizes, the largest is the smallest of the wheel and axle. When force is applied to the wheel was moved to the shaft on which it multiplies. And the wheel shaft is a lever which is pivoted in a circle around a center point. Sharpener, gears, bicycle handles and wheels are some common examples of these. A wheel can rotate 360 ​​degrees and effort can be applied either to the outside or the inside wheel wheel, which is called as shaft.

A pulley comprises a wheel and a cord and is used to extract water from the objects or lifting height. Although the applied force remains the same, the task becomes much easier with a pulley. If you add a second pulley will be much less effort and is useful for heavy lifting could never lift without it. Pulleys are used in cranes and elevators.

The slope is a ramp or inclined surface in which the heavy objects can be wound in a height. The ramps and slides are examples of inclined planes. Simple and compound machines have simplified many tasks that have not been able to do otherwise.

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