The classic pre-war BMW 328 that paves the way for BMW Legend

There are a lot of cars and car enthusiasts reported that mean if I had to choose a car before the war as the most important in the early development of modern high performance sports, you should be the type BMW 328 car well. This model made its first appearance at a meeting of Nürburgring. The 328 won in its category and at least had a great admiration and respect for the game and on the track.

Overall, the car was lighter, a little gem of seeing, with lines well ahead of its time the car still looked more modern and futuristic, even a decade later. Its rigid tubular chassis, independent front suspension, combined with rack and pinion steering, providing a level of ride and handling was truly remarkable in the revolutionary decade of the 1930s averages. There was little doubt that for those who love sports cars, while the six-cylinder engine with its very unusual valvetrain empowered with a wide irritable exceptional speed almost 161 kph (100 mph).

In 1936, the famous BMW rider Ernst Henne famous appeared in an elegant new 2-seater powered by the 1971 cc engine. He had a new head. In this sense, the first type BMW 328, Henne fled with motor sport 2 liter class with an average speed of just over 100kph (62 mph), finishing more than three minutes ahead of second place.

Fiedler has developed new distribution of the now familiar six-cylinder BMW, achieving a massive increase in power 80 hp at 5000 rpm. The camshaft chain drive always occupied the same position on the underside of the engine, which had operated in line valves through pushrods and rocker arms, but the summit was now room hemispherical combustion new alloy head, with valves inclined. The input ports are opened by push rods and rocker arms as above, but the exhaust valves are now two sets of pistons and rocker arms, a plurality of pushers in a horizontal position so that the valves may be positioned across the combustion chambers. This system has worked well despite its apparent complexity. The motor 328 is very similar to a dual overhead cam unit.

At a time when most sports cars were separated fenders and headlights, the 328 paved the way for the transition to all-enveloping bodywork. As a sports car that was a good car with hand size. The total length is 12 feet. The wheelbase is 7 feet frontcourt 3 ‘and 4’ rear track exactly. Surprisingly, the ground clearance of nearly eight years.

Only two cars were built in 1936. They had a piece windscreen and bodies less light doors. These cars were fully equipped for road use. Although a 328 series type could not wait to put over 100 miles on the clock (maximum speeds were in the 120 beaches).

In 1937, four cars raced at Le Mans.

Throughout the career of model BMW has built a total of 461 Type 328 models, including the chassis supplied by specialist coachbuilders. However, the spell he had after the war, the Eisenach factory was nationalized. It was not until 1952. This is somehow some cars were fitted with random pieces Aldingtons England itself. Surprisingly like a phoenix from the ashes of the classic six-cylinder Bristol has become for postwar cars built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1947. These wolves in sheep fed the AFM, Veritas, Monopol, Cooper, Frazer Nash, AC Ace, Arnolt and a myriad of other high performance cars in different parts of the world. As testers told Autocar in 1937, bears the mark of a Stroke Unit, and gave the impression that he was overloaded, so freely increased its towers.

The legend continues – in other British cars and German lines and automatically known. No doubt the influence and the influence of this vehicle trendsetters.

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