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Not long ago , all of America is out of your BBQ cooking hot dogs and hamburgers . Then they looked at the sky and enjoy the beautiful fireworks in the country of all who celebrates Independence Day July 4 . Not only the July 4 Independence Day July 4, 2013 the United States was also the 60th anniversary of the Volvo truck , which was the vehicle that brought Von on the map become a hit with customers and put on the map as international actor . The Volvo car became a kind of symbol for the type of vehicle that many drivers associated with the automaker today.

What follows is a brief history of the Volvo truck :

The roots of Volvo truck actually started in 1944 , when the P444 Compact was launched . Then , in 1949, the P444 was followed by the P445 , but uses a separate chassis .
Naturally, the P445 was a success because of its durability and reliability , and customers do not want to replace the new one, which was what the automaker hopes .
Since 1952 , 1500 was 445 units sold , Volvo decided to green light could produce these units in a Volvo station wagon . Responsible for the design of this van was an engineer Erik Skoog .
The first car Volvo Duett called because people said it was ” two cars in one ,” was published. This was about 15 months after Volvo has given the mission of Skoog .

The car was delivered to the President of Volvo Assar Gabrielsson July 4, 1953 , because it was his wish that all the old 445S going to develop. The Duett was really two cars in one , since it could be used as a family breakdown and a commercial van . In the automotive world , the duo has become a staple and has retained its iconic design until 1969. At that time , engineers were forced to change the car due to safety regulations .

Vehicle production is about 100,000 , but what is more important is that the Volvo Duett helped establish as one of the best manufacturers . Although the Duett not been done for almost 40 years , you can still see evidence of car design in different Volvo models today. For example, the V60 model , must make its U.S. debut in 2014 is a sports car. The U.S. market already has the XC60 and XC70 , but are technically part of the crossovers . However, even with these two , you can still see the roots break design .

So while you are busy remembering all beach trips , fireworks and backyard parties also try to remember the cap car , also worth celebrating . Remember the day , there are more than 60 years and small Swedish car after an international declaration , issued Duett wagon. The introduction of the Volvo wagon automotive power game , also people play worldwide model with which they could associate the brand Volvo . Yes , hit the stage 60 years ago with Volvo cars is cause for celebration .

For additional information about Volvo trucks or other Volvo models or to book your V60 sports car after its release in the U.S. in January 2014 , stop by the dealership of Volvo from today ‘ Today .

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