The best myths about limousines


Here are some of the main myths often heard of stretch limousines.

Most limos are illegal on the road. No, they are not! This has its origin in the decade of decades.

No fully professional limousine hire provider will even consider a limousine for a second that does not comply with the law.

However, some unfair private operators (some) have known to customize their vehicles outside the legal limits. Use only limousines from reputed companies.

You can not go everywhere on a “stretch”. Well, there are practical limits. You could not get an ordinary car on a small trail that is only suitable for motorcycles and limousines, like any vehicle, will have to be driven on roads that satisfy them.

However, this is not simply a real problem in typical terms. For the vast majority of urban or suburban roads, you will not have access problems. Some off-road trails out of town could be a problem, but again, many limousine rental companies do not take ordinary limousines anyway – so there is no difference, low.

You can assemble dozens of people into one of these elements. Not if you are trained on the road, you can not. An extended limousine will have a maximum legal seating capacity as specified by law. No rental company will allow you to overcome that.

Of course, some extensions are used as a basis for entertainment and may contain bars, music systems and video entertainment, etc. You could have a lot of people sitting inside to share this fun – by providing the stationary vehicle. Driving with dozens on board could be different though. Your recruiting company will explain the exact limits of your vehicle.

Hiring is only for the rich. This is one of the most common myths found around these magnificent vehicles.

These limos are used for a wide variety of different things including weddings, business meetings, school graduations, chicken or deer parties and much more. So, clearly, they are not the preserve of rock stars, oil billionaires or heads of state.

In fact, you will be very surprised to see how reasonable it is to rent one of these for a few hours. Why not check and see?

They are very difficult to drive. No, they are not, but they take special skills and training.

If you think about it, people can learn to drive many more demanding vehicles than a stretch limousine. However, since you should not need it every day, you might be wondering why you would bother buying one and then learning how to drive it. Just hire one when you need it and let a professional chauffeur do the work for you.

All are ostentatious is not practical. This could be a matter of opinion, but most people would not agree.

Certainly stretched limousines are “declaration” vehicles designed to be provocative. Others are incredibly practical, offering not only more seating capacity, but also a high tech commercial support of the “desktop on wheels” variety if you travel.

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