The 1965 Pontiac GTO Classic

The pontiac GTO 1965

In the country where muscle cars were born, the Pontiac GTO was the first and still the most famous of them all. Before 1964, the year of the arrival of the GTO in the market, high performance cars were full-size hard roofs and sedans equipped with the biggest boosters on the market. They were slow to get going, but once they went, it took off like a rocket, in most cases.

The Pontiac GTO changed all that. Back in the day, the so-called hot rodders knew that if they wanted to go faster, they had to go smaller and that’s what General Motors did with the GTO option. The automaker does not even promote the car early, without even putting a brochure on it until it has succeeded. Sales of the Pontiac GTO surprised automakers and sent them to fight for successful cloning. Just one year after its market introduction, the 1965 Pontiac GTO sold more than 75,000 cars in a year. This figure was double that in 1964 sold the previous year. Sales were boosted by word of mouth and a Car and Driver magazine article in which a GTO was compared to a Ferrari.

In August 1965, GM also introduced a distributor cold air induction kit for the GTO. This kit has the first full bell feature and also gave birth to Ram Air. GM continued the Ram air package in 1966. There were some built Pontiac GTO Ram Air factory, and they are called XS GTO. General Motors has managed to fill all the orders of its popular Pontiac 1965 GTO despite being paralyzed by a UAW strike this year. The 1965 GTO rearranged centered vertical headlights with a single intake of air replacing the two balls of the previous year. 1965 Goat, as it was called by fans, boasted 335 horsepower through improved cams and intake manifolds for the four-cylinder 389 and three-cylinder engines to overcome.

The taillights were hidden until they were lit up to the six chrome ribs that quartered a panel to another room. Buyers can opt for meeting wheels if they so desired. The Pontiac GTO was a new A-body platform. A-body platform can also be seen in Pontiac Tempest, LeMans, F85, Cutlass, Skylark and Chevelle, to name a few. The preferred GTO option was a 389-cubic-inch V8, with 325 horsepower with a 421 yoke, dual exhaust, four-barrel carburetor, special hydraulic lifts, a three-speed manual stick, sturdy suspension, binocular bonnet buckets and Simulated cube.

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