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Self Test and compression cylinder tests can be as simple, evaluations easier and faster to set the state of a vehicle engine can do. Besides the compression test of a car is quick, cheap and what might be called “non-invasive” is you do not have to disassemble half the engine.

However, many inexperienced and judicial mechanics often do not know anything about the interpretation of the results of compression tests. They can learn to complete testing – but actually are in the dark about what the results mean.

First – take the time and effort to compare readings with compression characteristics and technical specifications of the car manufacturers. These can be obtained either in the manual, a reference book online at the website of the manufacturers of automobiles or as a last resort, your mechanic or dealer after-sales service district. Basically, the readings should be within the limits.

Given the circumstances and events that your engine does not show low levels and compression readings. It is less than 100 psi (pounds per square inch) or alternative compression readings high, then you can almost count on the repair of internal engine event is likely to be necessary and most likely around the corner. If the compression test was done as an evaluation criterion in routine maintenance and you have been considering a car engine tuning, then it may be a good use of time and resources to put aside the idea. Go to work in another vehicle.

If the readings are low or uneven compression in the cylinders, a mechanical trick is to add a tablespoon of engine oil into the spark plug openings cylinders involved, then recheck compression. If readings improve compression, then it is more likely the case that the valves of the cylinders are probably “stick” or sitting severe burns. The experienced car dealers chain whose own practical experience in the U.S. retail automotive industry and body in its valves are bad experience ten times more often than the rings. If the compression is low in two adjacent cylinders, the joints between the cylinders are puffed likely word. Reading variants high compression typically indicate an accumulation of carbon deposits in the compression chambers of the engine cylinder.

Finally, when you have finished testing the compression, turn the power switch and remove all the instruments you have deposited or stepped on the accelerator pedal open. You can now not only completed the full compression test, but also a better position to understand and grasp the meaning and significance of the results.

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