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Chinese Military Build Up – Sun Tzu and Chinese war machine

We are seeing a buildup of his army in China, with 7 new classes of warships. Purchase $ 15 billion fighter jets from Russia, advances in Space which can lead to ICBMs, electromagnetic weapons, training and recruitment for the army. Taiwan is very concerned as Japan, Russia is delighted to have been able to sell […]

History of games before the war Lionel Train

Of prewar Lionel trains are those that were manufactured between 1901 and 1941. The onset of World War II forced the company to cease production. The next batch of Lionel toy trains were made after the war in 1945. Lionel prewar trains are very colorful and the accessories are complete. Some might think that the […]

Fans now have RC Model Aircraft of the Cold War in the U-2 spy plane

One of the best things about modeling is that the hobby has many segments and categories that are sure to appeal to almost everyone. Some fans prefer the RC planes and helicopters for some, while others are in cars and trucks. Many of them are supporters of RC electrical products, while others just fly planes […]

Ships of the Civil War

During the Civil War, both Union military and the Confederation was better known in history for their technological advances in shipbuilding instead of its military strategy For its time, the USS Monitor represented technology and was the mother of the screen, a shallow draft boat that is mounted under water is a difficult target for […]

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