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Peugeot coupe

Why rent Peugeot vehicles?

The French manufacturer Peugeot has long been on the radar for drivers because of its reputation for producing high quality, affordable and familiar vehicles. Founded in 1891 by Armand Peugeot as the Peugeot Société Automobiles, Peugeot’s roots date back to the 19th century. The Peugeot family started in the coffee and bicycle manufacturing industry. Inspired […]

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

Today I am writing about CNG or “natural gas vehicles”. I always had a fascination for cars and engines. When I was at Cal Poly in the 90’s, I chose Natural Gas Vehicles like about my main project. I took my little Toyota pickup and converted to run on natural gas. I am able to […]

How diesel fuel injectors operate

The diesel continues to grow year after year the market as the need for light and heavy vehicles reliable increases especially in third world countries and secondary. As infrastructure improves worldwide due to the need for reliable work trucks. JD Power and Associates expects sales of diesel will triple in the next 10 years more […]

Lexus hybrid power

Why should be your first purchase of new vehicles

In recent years, the entry into the car market has undergone tremendous changes. New car buyers expect more from their vehicles. ‘Basic’ simplistic models are on the way. Drivers today want more. Much of this change is motivated by the nature of the entry-level market. Most major car buyers looking for “small” entry-level vehicles grew […]

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