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History of Model Trains – How Model Railroading began and spread

Modern rail transport (excluding pulled by horses or oxen) dates back to around 1820 when the first steam locomotives appeared in the UK. These trains were the first practical way to transport goods and people across the country quickly and efficiently. They stayed for over a century. So it is not surprising that model trains […]

A History of Bachmann model trains

Most every model railroader familiar with Bachmann model trains. This company has been around since 1833, though not model trains all the time. Most of the products sold by the company originally are happening even today. Carlisle Corporation is the company that began as, and then merged with Bachman Bros. Company Products Company focused on […]

The love of trains and steam locomotives

The fascination with trains occurred when I was about 4 years. I lived across the street from the Great Northern Roundhouse in Interbay Seattle as World War II was coming to an end. My father took me with him to the roundabout, one morning. I remember those huge steam locomotives that were between two of […]

Do trains in all three planes of motion?

Human movement occurs primarily in three planes of motion, the frontal plane (up and down), the transverse plane (rotation) and the sagittal (front and rear). Within these three areas, however, there is an infinite amount of variability when changing altitude, rotate or move diagonally through their travel habits. In very rare cases, while in one […]

Hornby Model Trains: A Look at the Past and Present model form popular and not so popular

Hornby Railways The company is a leading manufacturer of 00 gauge model trains Hornby. Created in 1900, Hornby Railways is the innovator in modeling the steam train train to the country of the United Kingdom, the design of Meccano models look at the size 0, this company also produces live steam model trains route 00 […]

Bachmann Model Trains – The Global Leader

Bachmann brand is the leading supplier by volume of trains in the world. The company specializes in railway systems and low cost but high quality entry level for the mass market.

Gauge trains model

The S-scale, also known as S-gauge model trains for is designed in the ratio of 1:64 [c.-à-3/16 inch = 1 foot] and placed between the popular and HO O. miniature train. He met the demands of a scale that was larger than HO [which was considered too small by many model railroaders], but smaller than […]

The History of Lionel Trains

The founder of Lionel trains was Joshua Lionel Cowen. Born in 1877, as a child Joshua was more interested in playing with mechanical toys to go to school. In 1899, he patented a device that is used by photographers to bring the flash powder dry batteries to heat a wire fuse. Cowen later used a […]

How to Start Model Trains

Have you ever wondered where they come from model trains? Discover the history behind this great hobby. Each employee of the railway can remember your first train. This is the beginning of his love that never get old. There are many different entries in this hobby only, but have you ever wondered about the history […]

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