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Test interpretation engine compression auto

Self Test and compression cylinder tests can be as simple, evaluations easier and faster to set the state of a vehicle engine can do. Besides the compression test of a car is quick, cheap and what might be called “non-invasive” is you do not have to disassemble half the engine. However, many inexperienced and judicial […]

Downwind of the Nevada Test in the 1950

On January 27, 1951, with good weather, the plane flying over the French Flat, Nevada, dropped a one-kiloton bomb. Thus began the program of atmospheric nuclear tests. The test site was chosen for its location, sparse population and an east wind prevails.

Tests change locomotives 1948

Shortly after the railways were nationalized in 1948, the then newly formed British Railways Board (BRB) conducted a review of the actions of the locomotive which had been inherited from the four major railroads independent. It soon became clear that the overall stability of steam locomotives, including a variety of different types, many of whom […]

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