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The history of Suzuki motorcycles

In 1920, the company is now known as Suzuki was founded by an individual known as Michio Suzuki. When introduced, the growth was not sudden, but the company has progressed at a slower pace good. Suzuki has had a number of models that became popular and others that are not as popular. In 1953, he […]

The history of Suzuki GT250 Including the X7

The GT250 Suzuki has launched in Japan in 1971, was essentially a successor and an enhanced version of the Suzuki T250. However, the difference between the two bicycles are limited to their respective names. The letter “G” was added to the T250 model to represent a modernized version of the old bike. The additional component […]

The history of Suzuki GT 750

Suzuki GT 750 was first introduced to the public at the 17th annual Tokyo Motor Show in October 1970. Within a year, was launched in Japan and has been known to be a sport bike-tour. This model was developed by the likes of the Suzuki T500 with the nickname of “the pot” in Britain and […]

A Brief History of the Suzuki GT125

The Suzuki GT125 debuted in 1974 and was released to the public as a “naked”. This Suzuki model looks similar to the provision that the GT185 model. Both models have common parts of both wheelbase and were smaller motor with the GT125 model. However, some parts used will be able to adapt to each model. […]

The history of Suzuki 125 T

Only two years after the original published Suzuki Suzuki T 125 Many changes have been made along the bike would give Suzuki T 125 Stinger 1969 finer fuel tank, the stability of the exhaust pipes, and a view that some advertisers might call a “Grand Prix.” The bike is a 124cc gave bike owners again […]

History of the Suzuki T250 Motorcycle

The original Suzuki T250 is an improved version of Suzuki T20. Many of the same elements that were used in the Suzuki T250, which could easily be used as spare and used for both the T20 and T10 Suzuki. This model Suzuki was very competitive on the market and the road when it was first […]

The history of the Suzuki AH 50 Scooter

Launched in 1992, the Suzuki AH50 scooter was designed in Europe as a fun little bike. At just 60 pounds, it was really the baby Suzuki AH series, which included both models 100 and 125 cc. As its name clearly states, the AH 50 was powered by a small 49cc engine. Another in a line […]

The history of Suzuki Scooter 100 AH

In 1992, the Suzuki AH 100 became the last bike that offers Japanese two-wheeler giant. Designed to attract urban drivers, HA 100 was powered by a cylinder base, only 99cc two-stroke engine. Suzuki had already gained a reputation in the design of two scooters and AE 50 AH 100 and continued the tradition of reliability. […]

Three Tips Before Buying a new Car

If you are sort of people who consider your car is your second home as your high mobility, you will have to give extra concern about your car condition. I think it’s kind of ok if you want to buy a new car since the current car that you have can’t fulfill your need anymore. […]

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