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Sailing in 1800

History of Marina turns with different labels that characterize the use of vessels and / or style. In mid-1800 to early 1900 was called with a little affection, as the golden age of sail or the golden age of sailing ships. Sailboats in the 1800 ara all seven seas for freight transport.

Sailing vessels

True to scale models of sailing ships are valuable collectors items. ” A beautiful model in rosewood, mahogany or teak is displayed in the lobby of the office of the company, a museum or library of a large house may also be a history lesson for the viewer.

The history of American sailing ships

The history of sailing in Latin America is a thrill ride in American history, the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. La NiƱa, Pinta and Santa Maria are probably best known in the history of American ships. Columbus sailed these vessels in 1492 to try to discover a trade route across the Atlantic Ocean. He ends up […]

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