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Peugeot BB1

Peugeot BB1 – Between the city of cars and motorcycles

The mobility of large cities is increasingly confusing, as traffic, pollution and cars become difficult to find a parking space. This requires engineers and designers to offer a prototype car that is smaller (practical and versatile) and environmentally friendly. If necessary, the concept combines elements of the city car and the scooter. Peugeot presents a […]

What are the advantages of motorcycles Cargo?

Three motorcycle wheel loads are a versatile equipment to simplify the manufacturing process of a wide range of deliveries. With a top speed of 25-80 kilometers per hour, these bikes have the ability to cover a lot of ground while traveling in the most compact and manoeuvrable vehicle. This type of vehicle is sure to […]

The history of Suzuki motorcycles

In 1920, the company is now known as Suzuki was founded by an individual known as Michio Suzuki. When introduced, the growth was not sudden, but the company has progressed at a slower pace good. Suzuki has had a number of models that became popular and others that are not as popular. In 1953, he […]

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