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History of the Suzuki T250 Motorcycle

The original Suzuki T250 is an improved version of Suzuki T20. Many of the same elements that were used in the Suzuki T250, which could easily be used as spare and used for both the T20 and T10 Suzuki. This model Suzuki was very competitive on the market and the road when it was first […]

History of the Suzuki T350 Motorcycle

The T350 is a Japanese Suzuki motorcycle that was first published in 1969. The original Suzuki T350 was powered by a piston cylinder while air-cooled two-stroke, 315 cc. This engine was time fast enough for the bike to reach 0 to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds. Many cyclists enjoy this model, both the hard-core […]

History of the Suzuki T500 Motorcycle

The Suzuki T500 was the first to introduce a motorcycle engine two stroke capacity withe the Suzuki T500 Cobra output in 1968. Suzuki T500 model version was short lived with their country of origin in the United States. After the Suzuki T500 original versions of many others went to the scene of cycling with many […]

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