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Mercedes-Benz sold 82,000 vehicles worldwide

In the news: Mercedes-Benz Car Group has recently announced that it has sold 82,000 vehicles worldwide, including Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars. This sale is only for the month of February 2007, but the automaker said it is lower compared to the 83,800 units it sold in the same month of 2006. The first two […]

Mercedes Benz Classic

Mercedes Benz Classic

Benz 3-wheel cars revealed to the world in 1886 in the Mercedes-Benz 170 of 1931, announced the first car of excellence, Mercedes-Benz has represented the pinnacle of luxury. 1950, the 300 SL Gullwing, called the world’s first “supercar” and the 220 sedan with a friction value are the two most coveted by the current classic […]


Mercedes-Benz: The tradition and the progress of the trust

What is the origin of trust? According to the dictionary, it is the belief in honest, fair and trustworthy properties that someone or something. According to their “Trucks you can trust” motto of Mercedes-Benz and is the promise that was given more than 100 years ago and has never been broken since. It all began […]

Mercedes-Benz Hatchback

An advantage for the Mercedes-Benz Hatchback Class

There is only one word to describe a Class A Mercedes-Benz SUV; beautiful. Its elegant nose, with delicious after-supply almost suddenly, highly respected German countryside brings with it a Zephyr fresh air much needed for the five-door category. Mercedes-Benz is not a manufacturer that would have never expected to branch out in the compact family […]

Mercedes Benz

Top 4 ways your Mercedes Benz car baby

You spent money on this amazing machine, and nothing is too good for your baby. However, as a practical matter, babying your Mercedes Benz gives you a nice ride, as long as you own it, and helps preserve the resale value. Here are five things to do. First, change the oil regularly. There is nothing […]

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Vehicle Car Show and History

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of not only cars, but trucks, coaches and buses. The company is a division of the parent company, called Daimler Benz. Mercedes is one of the oldest car manufacturers and was built in 1886. The first Mercedes was launched in 1901. Unlike many other automakers, Mercedes is best known for […]

Mercedes- Benz Commercial innovative 4MATIC

Mercedes- Benz has recently started advertising its statewide drive system of the wheel – the latest generation 4MATIC using a TV spot that is not so common. Single TV commercial presents a fun event Mercedes- Benz drive all the know -how . Advertising is developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt , the brand new […]

Three Tips Before Buying a new Car

If you are sort of people who consider your car is your second home as your high mobility, you will have to give extra concern about your car condition. I think it’s kind of ok if you want to buy a new car since the current car that you have can’t fulfill your need anymore. […]

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