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Key Features Mobile Automotive Detailing Machines

The demand for mobile car detailing has been increasing in recent years. What began as a characteristic value of a business car cleaning adding became a business opportunity freehold. Manufacturers and suppliers have realized this fact too. As a result, you can now find a growing number of professional cleaning equipment designed specifically for mobile […]

The different types of simple and compound machines

A single machine can simplify the task by changing the direction or magnitude of a force. This is a mechanical device that is used to multiply the force applied to a point. There are two main types of simple machines, which depends on the resolution of the force vector and the other in which there […]

Automotive AC Machines

As any mechanic knows, the ability to offer a complete service to customers, be able to offer repair and attention to all aspects of a maintenance program for motor vehicles is the key to be able to retain customers. Air conditioning is pretty much standard on all models today, and while in the past, maintaining […]

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