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The history of the automotive

The Wisdom behind the Limousine

The words “limousine” and “driver” were used before the early 20th century, when cars and trains were pulled by horses from professional drivers in uniform to handle horses and steam engines. The word “limousine” comes from the Limousin region of France, where shepherds wear oversized hooded clothing to ward off the cold. The car drivers […]

Stretch Limousine

How to Build a Stretch Limousine

My first pair of Stretch Limousines was second hand. I hired a local coachbuilder in Melbourne, Victoria, to build my first new car. They specialize in limousines and listeners. I bought a new gasoline powered G6E car from Ford and handed over the keys. It is the second car of its kind. The first was […]

limousines dream

Get a Dream Ride on a Limousine

Limos tend to slowly become one of the essential elements of life. It’s just that we now have several opportunities in the life of someone who has to use a limousine and not any type of car, for example. Weddings, proms, unique events as well as funerals require these automobiles. Limousines are available in various […]

limousine luxury car

5 occasions more can be done with special renting a limousine

Often there are special events in your life that make you wonder how you can celebrate in a better way. After all, some things happen only once, so it is worth making the most of them in all aspects. One thing that more and more people considered for special events is hiring a limousine to […]

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