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Automatic transmissions

The best options for car enthusiasts

Automatic transmissions Equipment and offers the public for granted today as the electric ignition, automatic wipers, power steering, airbag, cruise control and life much that he started as unexpected events that changed the public. Today automatic transmissions have advanced to provide up to eight forward speeds, drivers options quarters parts, change different computerized adaptive driver […]

1957 Chevy Bel Air – the most beloved cars in history

57 Chevy Bel Air was named “the most popular car in history”, and given the fact that Chevrolet is actually sold by the Ford Thunderbird of the year of its launch, which is a certain reward. Cadillac baby in style ‘Baby Cadillac “in the style of the 1957 Chevrolet was described in a memorable advertising […]

Dodge, Ford to build Scion Fighters?

Toyota Scion has been a resounding success for the Japanese automaker since its launch in 2003. Designed to attract buyers Generation “Y”, the vehicles are popular, edgy – some would say ugly – and gave Toyota a foothold important to young buyers. GM, Ford and Chrysler are preparing to respond to Scion, but in different […]

When the Wheels Make the Ride

As the proud owner of a Ford truck, you treat it like your baby. Your trusty steed can take you anywhere you want to go and get you there in style. You feel like you’re king of the road as you roll down the highway, looking down at everyone else out there with a pretty […]

Three Tips Before Buying a new Car

If you are sort of people who consider your car is your second home as your high mobility, you will have to give extra concern about your car condition. I think it’s kind of ok if you want to buy a new car since the current car that you have can’t fulfill your need anymore. […]

Ford Mustang – A history of the automotive

The Ford Mustang, a popular muscle and sports made their debut in the production Mustang was shown publicly for the first time inside the Ford Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in New York, that magic was the date April 17, 1964. The car was available for sale at Ford dealers that same day.

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