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Rolls Royce Silver Cloud: get a unique classic car for your collection

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud model was produced between 1955 and 1966. It is the successor of the Silver Dawn range and the predecessor of the Silver Shadow range. The cars in this series are for passionate collectors and enthusiasts of vintage cars. If you get a car in good condition, you can consider driving […]

Mercedes Benz Classic

Mercedes Benz Classic

Benz 3-wheel cars revealed to the world in 1886 in the Mercedes-Benz 170 of 1931, announced the first car of excellence, Mercedes-Benz has represented the pinnacle of luxury. 1950, the 300 SL Gullwing, called the world’s first “supercar” and the 220 sedan with a friction value are the two most coveted by the current classic […]

The pontiac GTO 1965

The 1965 Pontiac GTO Classic

In the country where muscle cars were born, the Pontiac GTO was the first and still the most famous of them all. Before 1964, the year of the arrival of the GTO in the market, high performance cars were full-size hard roofs and sedans equipped with the biggest boosters on the market. They were slow […]

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History of the Classic Car Club of America

One of the most popular classic car clubs is the Classic Car Club of America. At first, the cars listed by the club were considered too modern and that few people would be interested because the cars will be useless. Well, times have changed and the cars from the collection of Classic Car Club of […]

The Basics of Classic Car Maintenance – Fluids

First, we will see petrol and diesel, besides the obvious fact that you have enough of your trip, it’s worth checking the fuel system at least once a year, diesel, since it has the used to find shapes and holes than most other liquids because if it leaks, a hot surface or sparks can cause […]

What is classic car restoration

Dedication, knowledge and patience to properly restore classic vehicles is needed. When a classic car or truck is properly restored, it is valued at the highest price possible. Professionally restored cars also look more beautiful and operate more efficiently. Media suitable restoration using original or appropriate to repair or replacement parts. A classic car is […]

Exotic Classic Sports Cars – The only Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo . The name is pure magic . Few cars are sexier than a Lamborghini. Even Batman leads to , the Murcielago LP640 Coupe in The Dark Knight. The engine noise was unmistakable , as they passed through the streets of Gotham City. Of course it was a convertible and, of course , Bruce […]

Car Online Resources help you choose the right Old Classic Car

We have seen in the automotive world is growing every day and there is a corresponding increase in demand for the latest cars and used cars. The latest car technology of today may have more features than the cars of yesteryear. The charm of the old cars is something that will stay forever. Some old […]

Preparation for the storage of classic cars

To keep a classic car looking great and to hold its own market value true enthusiast really take good care of him. Not only is it important to maintain the body work, take care of the exterior and interior, but also have to keep an eye on the engine. If installed on a routine and […]

History of classic cars and Popularity

Until you start writing about them was a subject that I had never crossed my mind. But what great fun they bring to those lucky enough to own and drive a classic car. It can be seen at rallies driving on the road in any state or country. They are also well known to be […]

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