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Morris Minor

Morris Minor – A Classic Car for Restoration

The Morris Minor name was first used for a car manufactured by Morris Motors at Cowley in 1928, although it is a very different sit-up-and-beg style from what is primarily understood as the Morris Minor. The latter is a soft rounded car with a very contemporary style in its time. This car was designed by […]

The importance of brake drums calipers and brake painting classic cars

During a visit of a Bentley dealership, the service manager took great pride in recognition of their attention to detail, and showed me a brake calipers in the mechanics of a modern Bentley painting was for a service. I’m doing this for years in our fleet of classic cars for a number of reasons. Anyone […]

Tips and advice on stocking your classic car in winter

We do not let our classics to rent in the depths of winter car, especially when the first frosts arrive and guidance begin spreading salt on the roads. Our cars have never rust on new state and although we tend to ourselves that will never be made completely Waxoyl and always leaves the green body, […]

Detail Classic Car Parts – Every little detail counts

You know all the details of classic car enthusiasts notice. The bright inside the sleek exterior painting, details of your classic car makes it stand out from the competition. The owners of discerning taste a true classic car is defined by your state. When the details of your classic car, you keep it in the […]

Duesenberg’s story

The Duesenberg is a classic car that has many car lovers have probably heard. The Duesenberg was manufactured in Indiana primarily as a luxury car. The name became famous after the company began producing very impressive roadsters, many of which are still in demand by collectors today. Like some other automakers, the company was founded […]

How to keep your classic car in very good condition

Vehicles manufactured during the years 1960-1970 are considered as conventional vehicles. With its V8 engine, all the cars are very powerful. The power generated by this engine makes the vehicle more efficient. Around the world, is in great demand. Car enthusiasts prefer to visit more classic classic car for sale. It offers many opportunities for […]

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