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Indianapolis Speedway – 100 years of automotive innovation

Over the past 100 years, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been home to some of the racing cars the most exciting. Although the news has focused on the action of an oval shape, activity behind the scenes created its own kind of excitement. In their efforts to achieve the best possible speed, mechanics and engineers […]

Automotive AC Machines

As any mechanic knows, the ability to offer a complete service to customers, be able to offer repair and attention to all aspects of a maintenance program for motor vehicles is the key to be able to retain customers. Air conditioning is pretty much standard on all models today, and while in the past, maintaining […]

Automotive machining

Machining techniques are widely used in the automotive industry for the manufacture of various automotive components such as exterior body sheet, internal components, and windshield. Produced in an automobile assembly line that requires the same type of components for production in large volumes. The individual components are fabricated using machining processes and transferred to the […]

Chevrolet Camaro – One of the most popular cars for modification in automotive history

The Chevrolet Camaro is a compact car introduced in North America by the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors in the early 1967 model year as competition for the Ford Mustang.Although it was technically a compact (by the standards of the time), the Camaro, as the entire class of Mustang competitors, was soon known as […]

Ford Mustang – A history of the automotive

The Ford Mustang, a popular muscle and sports made their debut in the production Mustang was shown publicly for the first time inside the Ford Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in New York, that magic was the date April 17, 1964. The car was available for sale at Ford dealers that same day.

Corvette ZR1 – a real piece of American automotive history

The ZR1 best known of the 1990s began meeting in early 1980 between the development team and the Corvette Group Lotus Engineering. Both entities wanted to build a new V8 engine is installed in a production line based on the limited Corvette C4 Corvette generation. The new engine, congratulated the already long list of other […]

Automotive history – A visit to the ruins of Detroit

Detroit was once the envy of the world. In 1900, was the heart of the automotive industry the ultimate in luxury and technology. During World War II was called the “arsenal of democracy” when factories were retooled to build war machines. The intersection of Milwaukee, in the center of the automotive industry was vibrant and […]

Carl Fisher leaves behind a legacy rich in history and automotive Speedway

One hundred years ago, Carl Fisher had a vision of building a proof “to establish the supremacy of the American car.” His dream, with the help of four other investors, has become the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The history of the automotive

The history of the automotive

It is almost impossible to imagine what the world would be without cars. Not only to facilitate travel, the vehicles also have a huge effect on trade, our emergency medical system and society in general.

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