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American Stretch Limousines

For a long time, limos enjoyed a lot of celebrity status they have tried. We can all think of some social events to connect, some celebrities we can imagine traveling in one of them, and somewhere we’ll probably see one. Despite these vehicles as they are more accessible, we always think of them with a […]

The history of American sailing ships

The history of sailing in Latin America is a thrill ride in American history, the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. La NiƱa, Pinta and Santa Maria are probably best known in the history of American ships. Columbus sailed these vessels in 1492 to try to discover a trade route across the Atlantic Ocean. He ends up […]

Corvette ZR1 – a real piece of American automotive history

The ZR1 best known of the 1990s began meeting in early 1980 between the development team and the Corvette Group Lotus Engineering. Both entities wanted to build a new V8 engine is installed in a production line based on the limited Corvette C4 Corvette generation. The new engine, congratulated the already long list of other […]

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