Sailing vessels

True to scale models of sailing ships are valuable collectors items. ” A beautiful model in rosewood, mahogany or teak is displayed in the lobby of the office of the company, a museum or library of a large house may also be a history lesson for the viewer.

Ships sail through the years, played an important role in world history. The ancient Egyptians learned to ride the wooden planks in a waterproof, sealing the joints with pitch. Later, some Egyptian vessels, in addition to being driven by rowers, had a primitive square sail attached to a frame. It is believed that the Phoenician ships were similar.

Some yachts were built for war, and some to trade. The Xebec, with three masts, was used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a merchant ship because of its speed and shallow draft. He was also the ship of choice for hackers to attack merchant ships loaded with very slow. Paddles can also be used when the wind failed, or more candles at runtime by the authorities!

The San Felipe, launched in 1690, was built by the King of Spain -. Certainly as a warship, with hundreds of guns. Its ornamentation is more beautiful than the other ships of its time.

H.M.S. Victoria was launched in 1765, and of course, is well known that it participated in the Battle of Trafalgar under the British flag – his powerful cannons could fire half a ton of iron shot over a mile. His final resting place was in Portsmouth, England.

The USS Constitution, launched in 1797, was built in Boston in the woods cut more than 1500 trees felled from Maine to Georgia. Their guns were cast in Rhode Island. She won all the battles and earned the nickname “Old Ironsides” when a sailor saw a cannonball bounce off his helmet. In Boston Harbor, which is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world and remains on the list of U.S. Navy ship.

Then there were the boats were built for trade. The Harvey was built in the land of Mary in 1847. and by the turn of the century, the development of Galveston, Texas, who made regular trips to Jaffa, which at that time was still under the Ottoman Empire. Its main cargo was hemp, which was used to make ropes of the rigging of sailboats.

The Cutty Sark is another sailboat built for trade. It was built in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1869. It has been used for tea in China, the trade until 1873, followed by twenty years of passage between England and Australia. After 1895, he served under the Portuguese flag for twenty years. It now belongs to the Thames Nautical School and is in dry dock at Greenwich, England.

Activities in the early American Marines, tugs were also sailing. The Seguin is a good example – that was used for tugboats flying up and down the Kennebec River, and towed barges along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Virginia.

Drawn to scale models have many hours of the craftsman. Further research is necessary and the original plans are studied. Fine details add to the authenticity and the pleasure of owning a beautiful model.

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