Safety tips for winter driving automatic car heating domestic hot

Driving in winter with a heater that does not work or the car in cold weather not only not funny, annoying, but downright deadly in cold climates and driving conditions. At least in the summer driving season if the air conditioning is not working, no frosted glass windows icing and driving conditions are hazardous and dangerous. In winter, if your car or truck’s heater hot or cold air blowing through the defrost heating system never defrost the windows. However, you drive moisture and runs worse breath you breathe the windows fog up in an instant. Disasters and the claim of potential insurance claims or automobile collision may result.

What diagnostic steps are simple for both you and your mechanic can use to resume the flow of hot air from the heater and defroster inside.

Any check you proper coolant available for the first time.

Open the cover. Check the coolant level in the radiator. In most cases, you will not directly open the radiator cap. This can be a very dangerous on top of it, particularly in warm or hot engine and cooling system of the power plant. Under the hood, the latest model of car and truck is a collection box in the engine coolant. On the side of the radiator will overflow an overflow tank coolant. Note the high and low marks – max and min. make sure the fluid level is above the minimum decision. (It may be marked min). In addition, brands can be min – low temperatures and the hot engine.

If you do not have the levels of glycol antifreeze coolant properly – even if you are hot or warm engine will not be enough coolant flow through the engine block heater and the heater in the passenger within the edge regions – for warmth.

Its engine can work very well – however, cooling glycol / water can be removed or boiled in the summer or in warmer periods of training time not leaving enough liquid to flow through the heater itself to give a good heat. Rad check fluid levels. If upward until – no water, but with a standard ethylene glycol antifreeze solution. A simple pot Prestone or any brand you buy can solve all your problems and be just what you need to help you on your way to the road to the hot plate and the visibility of the window and secure.

Then, even if the fluid level in the radiator cooling system very well that your antifreeze. You can be well on fluid levels, but too small percentage of glycol antifreeze mixture with water. Rate too low and the coolant can freeze in the winter damaged engine block dangerous and costly. Certainly there are “gelcaps” engine block to prevent damage, but why chance the cost and inconvenience. antifreeze coolant protection can be checked at a glance for your mechanic or garage in the same local mechanic. If the percentages and ratios coolant level is fine – you can add the water, according to the cold local climate.

Use fresh distilled water instead of tap water (which dissolves minerals) to prevent scale in a rad. rads of car engines, as the full range of hard kettles not work well to keep cars cool – resulting in high summer boiling and poor levels of internal heat production car winter.

Finally, if none of the above two do not work, or even while just to be sure – ask your mechanic to take the thermostat on the engine cooling system – Inspect and test.
Maybe you need a replacement thermostat in the cooling system or perhaps a stronger winter to give better thermal efficiency of the passenger area of ​​the car heater.

All the best and good safe driving season warm and comfortable for you your family and friends this winter season car driving. That the roads, highways and roads to guide your holiday trip.

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