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If you like cars and you have not heard of Rolls-Royce, then you could have lived under a bush for most of the last century! Rolls-Royce is not only a well established and established company, it is also famous for producing some of the most luxurious and expensive executive cars in the world. Everything related to the cars is meticulous and intentional, an engineering feat that has earned them a lot of respect and has allowed them to go through all the difficulties and tribulations of the last 100 years.

Rolls-Royce cars are so popular that there is even a mass market for Rolls-Royce used, with many distributors scattered throughout the country. Given their huge starting price, it should also be mentioned that they appear to be barely depreciated, instead of remaining a status symbol largely unattainable as long as they are carefully maintained and maintained professionally.

With such a long and distinguished heritage, it seems right that this British brand more respected and established has a respected and prestigious home. Enter Goodwood, the Rolls-Royce headquarters conveniently located in the heart of the British countryside. Considering the real facade and the incredible quality of this esteemed mansion, it is often difficult to understand the modern and technical nature of the engineering and design work that takes place inside.

If the historic estate is a majestic and archaic place, then do not assume that the building itself will be fuddy-duddy and outdated. After all, Rolls-Royce entered the 21st century one step ahead of the crowd, and they built a venue to represent that. This explains why the Goodwood site, where all kinds of events and festivals are held, has a one-kilometer glass section that allows visitors to take a look at the famous Rolls assembly lines. and where these beautiful car designs magically transform into a luxurious reality!

The location of Goodwood is really the perfect representation of the Rolls-Royce brand. If you can summarize the style and attitude regarding the creation of a car in an architectural representation, then it is fair to say that this is exactly what a Rolls-Royce will look like for most people. This is mainly due to the fact that if you look at the Rolls of a real car, you do not just see wheels and a chassis. Instead, you see a beautiful creation, with a bold design and a certain style that suggests a pedigree faithful to God. Then he drives it, and realizes that the engine also has an incredibly dazzling performance and a modern design, since it works like no other on earth. That’s why the location of Goodwood is so appropriate, because you get that same vintage feeling with a lot of heritage, but effortlessly combined with a set of materials, modern look and taste.

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