Rolls Royce Used – A new look for a new century

the classic 1925 Phantom grill

In a very short time, there has been an absolutely massive evolution in the global modernization of Rolls Royce cars. Even in the early 1990s, they had a kind of “continental dictator” that added an air of undeniable gravity and opulence to what (to all intents and purposes) is a ton and a half of metal with linked wheels. With the introduction of the modern Rolls Royce Phantom, the impressions made by Rolls Royce seem decidedly more “accessible”.

While the overall design retains the type of ageless class that would always associate with a car of this type, we can not help but notice that some more modern shades have begun to impregnate the classic aesthetic. Take for example the new and discreet front grill, which looks bright, but does not really attract your attention in the same way as the classic 1925 Phantom grill.

I was curious about the reasons behind these design advances, so I spoke with an expert in the history of Rolls Royce. His opinion, although unofficial, is that the company was concerned that, although there was a market for fans of classic cars, they wanted the new Phantom to be more modern and compatible with the lifestyle and design of the 21st century. . contemporary

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